A more engaging way to enjoy coffee

Step into a world where coffee is more than a drink—it's an experience. We offer curated journeys led by our world champion barista, designed to immerse you in the art and science of specialty coffee.

The Experience

Engage with the art & science behind brewing the perfect cup of coffee

Explore the distinct flavours and aromas of exceptional beans through interactive, hands-on sessions that will deepen your appreciation and understanding. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or new to specialty coffee, our experiences are tailored to engage and delight, creating lasting memories with every sip.

Choose between the Single Origin Experience, where you taste one bean in three different ways, or the Pour Over Experience, sampling a trio of origins. Each session lets you explore the distinct flavours and aromas of carefully selected beans, revealing how different brewing methods enhance unique characteristics.

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Sample a trio of origins, each with its unique flavour profile, showcasing the diversity and richness of specialty coffee. This guided session highlights the art of manual brewing, enhancing your appreciation for the intricate process behind each cup.
Taste one specialty coffee bean in three different ways, revealing how each blend and  extraction method enhances different flavour characteristics.

Glimpses of our cafe space and our expertly crafted creations.